Gitano Collection gets there new website developed

Gitano Collection commenced 30 years ago as a home bases self – employed enterprise which produced handmade jewelry. Stringing of bends and crafting of clay by creative hands produced unique designs of necklaces, bangles and earrings. Main objective of the business was to offer a specialized service for the customers at an affordable price. This enabled us to create a niche market segment which was engaged with Gitano Collection in all their occasions.

Over the years imported fashion jewelry which includes chains, bracelets, rings and earrings was introduced as new products. Currently Gitano collection holds a versatile product portfolio of Plated Cristal, Swarovski and Pearl Jewelry which cater to different customer segments. Our items range from Bridal Jewelry, Bridal retinue jewelry, to Casual/Occasional jewelry.

Why GitanoCollection?

Gitano collection is a creative hub where jewelry designs are customized to match the exact requirement of the beautician. The innovations creativity and the experience on the industry hand been the key success factors which had resulted in higher customer loyalty and growth of the customer base.

Code Dezign successfully designed and developed there website with the highest quality and now Gitano Collection allows payment gateway and integration with free delivery around Colombo.

If you are interested simply contact us to get your website designed.

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